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I have just spent a wonderful 8 days camping with my family and close friends at Harrington on the New South Wales mid north coast. I managed to get out for a few sunrise shoots and the New Years day fireworks. There are plenty of spots to shoot in the area, however due to some inclement weather I only managed to see a few of them.

Crowdy Head is a small township to the north of Harrington. There is a lighthouse on the headland and some great rock formations left over from the old quarry on the southern side of the headland. Not quite Bombo, but good nonetheless.

Harrington township is at the mouth of the Manning River and the vista is dominated by the Break Wall and the sand bar that is constantly changing. The boulders for the Break Wall came from the quarry at Crowdy Head. The sand bar is littered with pieces of driftwood, small tufts of grass and there are some dunes nearby. There is also plenty of birdlife in the area for the long lens shooters.

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